Cormorant Complete Cassingles

Neil Palmer et al
November 2005 | Audio CD | ??:??


Palmer’s Sound Mirror
Crmrnt-1, Oct. 2004 (leda020)
Back in the day
When you know

The Creeping Past / Threshold People
Crmrnt-2, Oct. 2004
The Creeping Past – The creeping past (leda022)
Threshold People – No place (leda027)

The Shades of Meaning
Crmrnt-3, Nov. 2004 (leda026)
Israel Mohammed

White Ape
Crmrnt-4, Nov. 2004 (leda027)
Can’t Stop The Want I Got For You, Babe
Before, during and after

The Threepenny Bits
Crmrnt-5, Dec. 2004 (leda028)

The Fire Dept.
Crmrnt-6, Dec. 2004 (leda009)
Mental Block

With many thanks to Andy Pyne, Mat Colegate, Vic Fitch, Matt Sigley and Rob Taylor, without whom, etc.

The LedaTape Organisation expresses its deep gratitude to Mr N. Palmer of Cormorant Recordings for his generosity.