Elpee for Another Time


Without question, the greatest English psyche masterpiece ever! Well, since the advent of recorded music, anyway. Originally from Yep! of Hove in 1996 (surely you mean 1969? – ed.) – now available on LedaTape by arrangement with Cormorant Recordings.

Track listing and lyrics





Days of night ignore the sound, blew up all the gold see through. We always clank, we jabber dust, move slowly up the avenues. Instant Morning, Universal ball, six shadows, human light, and back in Thermopylae: a fourteenth century dogfight for the human group. We love names and scents laid in Fridays fair, Full colour Special all over the can disrupt the future year. This time there seemed no way out on an island I dreamed before, going past takes time to grow. Focus on dimension four!

I thought about it, yeah. It’s for another time


Steel Ramparts


This is a song of fortune but you can have it free, next we’re on in Masada and for afters lie in Scutari. Fit six in a staff car, burn up the avenues, full colour eruption, muzzle flash make news. Two vicars are grappling, one pulls a Boston Crab. Zero comes out of nothing… Now! Now! Now! Thought my mind was on fire but you’d torched my hair, you blew up all my love; help me, riot fair. Nothing on round there but the stench which defies all cheer. Don’t look at Lily Law, she’s all HKs and kick down the door. Last night I saw the flag exploding, I’d chucked my last grenade. My girlfriend’s mum was fighting in the road, I saw the fireworks from the esplanade. Back in the model village; news of Thermopylae, bayonettings and flare ups from Vin Linh to Free Derry.


Walking in the Sun


I know that there is no place you can go to and I know you don’t know anyone at all, so come walking in the sun with me my little one and remember that the only time is now. Well strange is the story your eyes tell me and quiet are the few words that you say, so come and hold my hand, for you see, I understand and remember that the only time is now. I come to you a ragged laughing stranger and you come to me an angel of the night, so while dancing we will sing for it doesn’t mean a thing to remember that the only time is now. So forget about your yesterdays of sorrow and forget about the darkness you have seen for there’s only you and me at the edge of and endless sea and remember that the only time is now.


Universal Group


Morning has escaped us, it’s getting on for One, I’m trying to invent a machine to bring back the sun. That which you always want can be quickly found, comes up really easy, early morning sound. Till the curtains turn bright, I have love, they go blue see through; I’m for you. If they say green; go on red. Ignore the chequered flag and all they said. In the days of dusty needles and fiercesome First War details and 14th Century fashions and walks in seaside hailstorms. Weekdays, cards, larks and horse guards, electrical fires, congenital liars. They lined up at the wall and stuck their thumbs into the air. The scent, the mark you leave, has to be quite clear. Electrical dust disrupt the calm and shook the shades, a cryptic wave of love slid out, they couldn’t believe their luck; in spades. Ther’s huge pound signs jostling in my dreams and so many years of waste fit to burst at the seams. We’re gonna make you… gonna take you… We’re reverb splash, we’re instant mash, we’re the universal group. We’re The Human Man, we always can; we’re the universal group


All Over The Night


Astrolabe seeks a course to follow as the night sails around the ball. And the pounds you have clank like the lost one’s bell. So they can find you, cut your hair and blind you, call you by names, need you home, lead you home… Sodium, shows up lights and shadows as the town puts itself to sleep. And the gold you have, and all the silver too, all this can buy you, fill you up and try you… See tomorrow’s bell, morning unwell, a.m., Morning! Scents laid down in corners and in dark ways, pools of light testify the times. And the mark is left; laughs and shouts in the walls, shows you that you were here, chronicled for future year, and Friday’s a friend but on Sunday defend.


Lighter Light


From the spray and the rain to a room of noise we came. Out of spring into night, swapping air for a sound dog fight. Between tune bruised walls, with 4 eyes we coo and call. Reaching out for golden glass, we move slow, we see, they pass. Saw you sitting, side looking, calmly in a lighter light. Caught you blinking, half smiling, softly in a lighter light. Rare unguents, special sound, percussion, phase and reverb round. Fiery herald, MS Span… we Love, we’re in the future. Back indoors to the morn. There lies Loneliness, forlorn. Do you take this girl now? Light a flame, the room will glow! Do you take this girl now? Light a flame to show you how!


Population of Tyme


Seems that there was this small upsurgence somehow rose in the World’s brain, a notion to traverse the aether, open a dark and unknown vein. People wanted it in millions and all the realms were greatly changed. Nothing was outside now of meaning, across the everywhere they ranged. So it all kicked off and the moment it began was heard a foul and eerie far off call. Everything was OK till it grew clear that no one knew what lay beyond the sleeping wall. First they set out in painted triremes to explore. Men women children and the rest, through the door, and again, then some more followed after, more and more, trickle turns to flood then torrent flows; so it’s sure. That’s the actual facts of the population of time. A thousand years ago, to seek for that which was lost. Position unknown, population unknown.