Executive Sufficiency

By Neil Palmer

April 2010
Paperback | 140 x 216 mm | 116 pages

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In the uptight world of the London media elite, even the opening of a new exhibition of Prison Art is regarded as an exciting adventure. Senses dulled and out of his depth in the face of an unfolding story of the real elite – the one that wields the real power – Bryn Nolan rouses himself from his cocoon of self-confidence and rises to a challenge that only he, London’s premier public relations operator, can overcome.

The wild valleys and mountains of the Caucasus and the even wilder alleys and concrete rifts of the London landscape collide in this meticulously researched novel of high adventure happening elsewhere to other people, while the urban-exiled narrator finds himself embroiled in his own grave drama, picking up the loose threads of distant hazard that lead inexorably to his home town.

Nolan quickly discovers that in time of danger the tale becomes the truth, spurious anecdote becomes fact, and plausibility itself becomes a vehicle for transmutation.