If I Only Had a Brain

Scarecrows in Film and TV

HBK/PBK Cinemaniacs Journal #1

9780648269922 PBK
978064826993  HBK
235x191mm | 244 pages | col. illust. throughout



Due October 2018

In this journal you will find an assortment of wonderful writing and beautiful images—from the creepy, unsettling revenge horror film that was made for television The Dark Night of the Scarecrow, to an urban nightmarish ghetto-style Oz with a Motown flavour in The Wiz, from long lost obscurities such as the Buster Keaton silent film The Scarecrow and its relative Puritan Passions to every incarnation of one of Batman’s most feared members of his rogue’s gallery Dr. Jonathan Crane—it’s all in here! Powered by essays and critical analysis, the journal is also loaded with production history, never before seen pictures from various films and in-depth interviews with people involved with the movies covered.

Spawning from the Melbourne, Australia based film collective Cinemaniacs, the whole concept of this journal is to ensure that readers embrace all kinds of movies (and television, as well as theatre!) by understanding that all genres and periods of cinematic art and achievement matter.

Lee Gambin

Contributing writers

  • Lisa Rae Bartolomei
  • Phillipa Berry
  • Sally Christie
  • Ian Cooper
  • Martyn Conterio
  • Daniel Dockery
  • Kieran Fisher
  • Lee Gambin
  • Keith Gow
  • Chris Hallock
  • John Harrison
  • Travis Johnson
  • Amanda Reyes
  • Eloise Ross
  • Michelle J. Smith
  • Michael Varrati
  • Lance Vaughn
  • Emma Westwood