Poets of England

By The Vermin Poets
2010 | LP / Audio CD | ??:??


The Vermin Poets are Neil Palmer on Guitar/Lyre/vox Billy Childish on Bass/Backing Vox, JuJu Claudius on drums/Backing Vox and Wolf Howard on Drums but don’t think this is just another Billy Childish band ‘cos it’s not.

The sound is very pop psychedelic, think of 80’s Television Personalities and chuck in The Who and you’ve got it.

The Vermin Poets are signed to Damaged Good Records and not directly associated with the LedaTape Org but you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what they’re doing on here…

Track listing

Spartan Dregg
He’s Taken His Eye Off The Sparrow
Like Poets Often Do
Baby Booming Bastards
She’s Got Ears
Grandfathery (Slight Return) [vinyl only]

Vermin Poets
Arthur Was A Gun Runner
Musical Pamphlet
Poets Of England
A Cup Of Deadly Cheer
The Sun Was The Beginning Of The Morning
The Same Tree [vinyl only]