Sonic Antiquarian

Thee (Un)Complete Rockhunter
By Thee Rockhunter

November 2011
Paperback | 191 x 235 mm | 122 pages

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From the back alleys of pub rock to the heady myths of classical Hauntiquarianism, The Rockhunter accompanies you on a journey without a destination in a land with so many names the map’s worn through by over-printing.

Thee Rockhunter is a self-confessed “knackered punk hack”. In 1988 he retired unusually early and went to Brighton, on England’s sunny South Coast.

Producing surprisingly intimate narratives using music criticism as his template, he clearly delights himself while exploring the big moribund ideas under which we are supposed to serve – taste, identity, culture, politics – always questioning the value of the tedious competition between various knowledges and working models of reality. Overall, he appears more interested in long-term, universal signs and meanings than in addressing an audience and celebrating the ‘progression’ of cultural typologies.

Rock history’s never made more, or less, sense.

Profusely illustrated and featuring a comprehensive bibliography and index.


  1. Simon Strong

    for fans of english sixties beat music, from 1992 till 2007, the rockhunter’s zines and blog was the ne plus ultra of the freakbeat underground in parts of brighton (in southen england). printed copies were impossibly quite hard to find, unless you drunk in the Heart and Hand in which case they were sporadically impossible to avoid. The rockhunter turned us onto sounds we could even imagine hearing.

    The first issues alone spanning the greasey indigestible tale of GIMLET via the psyke-wrenched musings of THE GRIMPEN MYRE to the then-contemporary (wasnt everything?) chooclin of THE BROWN STRIPES. Yeah! This is the stuff of legend, literally! There was even some guff about C86 and all that.

    36 issues (some missing) give the full (?) poop on topics like regionalism in punk rock weather, cooking (especially sponge cakes), sublime repetition, sublime repetition, sublime repetition, voodoo, grave-robbing and sublime repetition, you know s*** like that.

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive and accessible introduction to neglected tunes of the late last century, get this too. Like an antidote or something. You’ll find out more ways to think about music than you realised there were. It’s very funty as well. There’s not many pictures but there’s a big index. and bonus issues of RockHaunter, the follow-up. Fans of the originals will be relieved to know it’s entirely and beautifully retypeseyt – and whats even more the laminate on the cover is super deluxe!!

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