Tablets of Linear B

The Siege Of Thebes, Prologue Part The 1st
By The Spartan Dreggs

2012 | LP : ??:??


Limited to 250 copies, this LP was available free to purchasers of Coastal Command and Dreggredation who could be bothered to write to the label, and were prepared to chop off the corners of the other records.

Track listing

  • 1: Hills Of Bredon
  • 2: Lemonade Stand
  • 3: The Ballad Of Robert Walser
  • 4: The Feuds And Fuss Of Dancing Kings
  • 5: The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park
  • 6: Garden Of Gethsemane
  • 7: Theseus In Knossos
  • 8: Tablets Of Linear B