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Ekranoplans live in Thornbury

Melbourne based “Pub & Dub” group Ekronplans consist of Aaron Goldberg (The Earthmen) on guitar, Sönke Richertsen (Slub/ Crybones/ Pink Stainless Tail) on Drums, Stefan Schutt (Peachfuzz/ Ashtray Boy) on bass and Simon Strong (Pink Stainless Tail) out front on vocals.

Velvet Velcro Stalagmite Drip! Grups dust off the Fuzz boxes for a night of mysticism and mischief that is not to be missed. A Psychedelic excercise in skeletalism and negative space with the garage rock tradition at its core…. Or perhaps CZ will be in one of his laconic sun striped cowboy moods, only time will tell.

Gareth Skinner is a Melbourne based cellist and soundtrack composer. He has recorded and toured extensively with bands such as the Ergot Derivative, bzark, Disaster Plan Holy Sea and The Sand Pebbles.“Your hand in mine watching the collapse”, Gareth Skinner’s first solo release in 10 years, walks a cello-infused tightrope between the abyss and the sublime.

Ekranoplans Shows
Swamplands Bar, 744 High Street, Thornbury Map