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▸ Ekranoplans live at The Yarra

HARASHO! Ekranoplan debut bushkanyetz! Rock n roll, new wave, psychedliya! Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia, Sol 3.
Filmed by Richard Raber. We owe ya big time mate. Also a massive shout out  to Mark Monnone and all his pals that set up the banging show.

Here’s what one eyewitness (music critic Michael Helms) had to say:

Like some sort of refurbished dirty power station in Kazakhstan ready to reap in the profit the Ekranoplans burst onto the scene last night to rock the Yarra. With lead ranter Simon Strong whirling dervishly, Master G Goldberg pushing pedal power to the fore and the rhythm section sounding like they’d just stepped off the stage of the Howard Stein Music Academy circa 1973 this bunch of hard rocking psychedelic Soviet sympathisers demand your attention…