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Ekranoplans play Richmond!

Hear the Hammond organ like you’ve never heard it before. Three-piece instrumental band Tarcutta (drums, guitar, Wurlitzer, Hammond) make post-rock/prog-rock soundtracks that oscillate between otherworldly space flights and driving, kraut rock. At the centre of it all is a 1934 Model A Hammond, surrounded by no less than three Leslie speakers. With an analogue sound that can be bodily felt as much as heard, Tarcutta invites listeners to absorb the music and let their mind travel. They play to visual projections by Melbourne photographer and visual artist, Kristoffer Paulsen.

Joining them tonight are the internationalist psychedelic pub’n’dubbers Ekranoplans, (drums, guitar, bass, vocals). Expect beer-soaked protest songs imbued with gothic punk, northern street poetry and reverb-heavy guitar.

And kicking things off are instrumental three-piece The Chunks (guitar, bass, drums), incorporating dreamy Tanpura drones with frenetic, overdriven guitar explorations and driving basslines.

Ekranoplans Shows
Leadbeater Hotel, 1, Church Street, Richmond, City of Yarra, Victoria, 3121, Australia Map