Bertie Marshall

Collected writings contain, poems, plays, novels, chapbooks, memoirs and non-fiction pieces by Bertie Marshall, Punk Legend, Performer and writer.
Some of the work here is published for the first time; included is a reprint of his 1997debut novel Psychoboys.

A diablerie of the grotesque scarred from slices of hilariously malicious wit, Bertie Marshall’s work stands on its own four feet, horns and all. Travis Jeppesen (The Suiciders).

Marshall’s work creates an extended promenade of our fragmented contemporary culture in all its amorphousness. Little puddles of thrill in disassociation from one anotherBruce Benderson (The Romanian).

…The memoirs take their place in that lineage of ‘outsider memoirs’ including the writings of Quentin Crisp and Jean Genet’s The Thief’s Journal – Michael Bracewell.

Psychoboys – an unexpurgated facsimile of Bertie’s cult novel from 1996.
The Palace of Faux Pas – a reprint of the rare chapbook of stories
The Carpet Eaters – the complete script of an abstract and opaque play.
Paris 80s – Third instalment of the memoirs.
By Invitation Only – seventeen recent poems.
Seven Hurts – a novella about William Burroughs and Iain Somerville in London, included at the request of the LedaTape Org.
This Play is Not About Rafael Nadal – Bertie’s cheeky and confronting three-hander about a literary burn-out and a pro tennis player (ie NOT Rafael Nadal).
Master Bitch – a second rare chap book: three butt stories.
Pete’s Underpants, NYC 1998 – Second instalment of Bertie’s memoir.

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