A William Burroughs Birthday Book

Edited by Paul Cecil
Brighton: Temple Press, 5 February 1994
148 x 210mm | 40+4 pages

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This booklet was produced by Temple Press, the publishing house of Genesis P-Orridge’s temple of Psychic Youth, to celebrate William Burroughs’ 70th birthday. The occasion was marked in Brighton by the Happy Burroughsday! event.


Introduction – Paul Cecil
William Burroughs: A Biological Mistake? – Simon Strong
Nothing is True. Everything is Permuted – Paul Cecil
Pistol Poem No. 1
THEY: An Extract from The Process – Brion Gysin
Bill explains aesthetics – Caspar Williams
Splinter Test: Implications ov Cut-ups and Samples as Quantum Memes – Genesis P-Orridge
A Cool and Savage Number – Robert Hill
The Temple of the Assassins – Marco Polo
After the Fact – Naomi Riches
Sawn-off Shotgun Poem No. 1
Pistol Poem No. 2
Pistol Poem No. 3