Dr Yes and the Mystery of the Mission

By David Cox
May 2015
Paperback | 140 x 216 mm | 88 pages

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Tensions rise in the Mission district as a geometry professor beset with strange visions discovers a dark secret buried beneath the streets!

A sniper who only kills wealthy young professionals! Houses that burn for no reason. A mummified hippy sealed for forty years behind a hidden wall. Unearthed gold coins emblazoned with Halley’s comet from the time of the Spanish invasion speak to a conflict as old as America itself. Dr. Yes travels deep within his tortured soul as conflict builds to breaking point between the super-rich and the population of the city.

The monsters have awoken and now gather to do battle…

Written over five years as a serial fiction for “Otherzine” (the web magazine of Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema), David Cox’s “Dr Yes and the Mystery of the Mission” comes right from the deepest heart of the Mission District of San Francisco. This psychedelic noir journey into the dark soul of the foggy city will keep you entranced until the bitter, final conflict!



  1. McKenzie Wark

    David Cox opens a secret door to a San Francisco that is still wild and amazing.

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