Free Software Song

By Pink Stainless Tail
December 2007


I (Simon) watched “revolution OS” and thought it was the best doco about GNU/Linux but let down by that kinda lame version of Richard Stallman’s filk/anthem at the end. I called in one of the top groups of the hemisphere to record a new version with which to overdub. HUGENESS! does not even require the movie… Very innaresting backwards git work during the solo. FREE EVERYTHING FREE!

The Free Software Song is a filk song by GNU/EMACS guru Richard M. Stallman. The song is usually set to the traditional Bulgarian melody of “Sadi Moma” but PST developed their own tune instead inna reverse-engineer stylee. This version has Chris Hughes (of Berlin’s Methylated Spirits) on second git – except the solo which is by Sehguh Sirhc.


From a PST show at The Tote, Collingwood, 2008.