Fatal Visions: The Golden Age 1990-1998

HBK/PBK by Michael Helms

9780992302184 PBK
9780994411211 HBK
235 x 191 mm
300 pages
illustrated throughout



Bloody Hell! They’ve done it again!

In 2012 the LedaTape Organisation put out Fatal Visions: The Wonder Years 1988-1989, the first volume to collect some of the earliest writings to appear in Fatal Visions, the Australian zine devoted to trash film and attendant culture that became a critically well-received and internationally distributed magazine.

Four years later Fatal Visions: The Golden Age 1990-1998, the second volume in the Fatal Visions series has come screaming into the world.

What’s presented here is a personal selection by editor Michael Helms from the final fifteen issues of Fatal Visions. A true best-of and showcase for as many of the still highly relevant and entertaining articles, interviews and reviews from some of the most exciting writers working in trash film.

  • Blondes, Bockwurst & Porn – a trashfilm tour of Europe by Jack Stevenson.
  • Mexploitation Explained by Steve Fentone.
  • Cool & The CrazyBruce Milne’s seminal article on The Cramps.
  • Eyeball On Asia – watching film in Asian countries with Stefan Hammond.
  • Kris Gilpin interviews Charles Napier.
  • Other interviews include Abel Ferrara, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Lance Henriksen, Peter Jackson and John Woo.
  • Hundreds of cinema & video reviews.
  • Foreword by Jack Sargeant.

Profusely illustrated – with index!