Fatal Visions: The Wonder Years 1988-1989

HBK/PBK by Michael Helms

9780987412218 PBK
9780992302191 HBK
235 x 191 mm
254 pages
illustrated throughout



At freaking last! A collection of FATAL VISIONS, Melbourne’s own infamous trash film zine, has congealed into perfect bound format. Proving that dead tree technology has not entirely slipped into a coma this compilation covers the earliest and rarest entries in FVs decade-long publication history. Devoted to sleaze, violence and sexploitation in the Cinema and wherever it appears on video, TV & in print, FATAL VISIONS went to places where few other Australian publications even knew existed: bottom of the package video titles, late late night TV movies, films that played announced as drive-in supports and in hard tops where they were lucky to play for one week only.

Profusely illustrated – with index!


  • Film in Fiji – Jack Ferguson
  • Banned Toys – MH
  • Divine Obit – Fred Burger
  • Wes Craven interview – Paul Harris
  • Film Censorship in Australia 1988 – Joey Inferno
  • Posthumous Bruce Lee films – Spike
  • Des Mangan Interview – MH
  • Mark Savage Interview – MH
  • Confessions of a Porn Novelist – Kris Gilpin
  • Deep Inside Melbourne Porn Venues – Jack Ferguson
  • Candida Royalle Interview – MH
  • David Nolte Interview – MH
  • Zlatko Kasumovic Interview – MH
  • Porn on Film manifesto – Jack Stevenson

Plus hundreds of sleazy film, tv and book reviews and much much more!