By Chus Martinez

May 2014
Paperback | 140 x 216 mm | 118 pages


Issue noun;
pl. Issues.

  1. a topic for discussion: “the issue of sexuality.” Synonyms: matter, affair, subject, topic, question, point, item, thing, case, concern, theme, situation, occasion, circumstance, problem, bone of contention, controversy, argument.
  2. a problem or difficulty: “a significant technical issue was simply ignored.” Synonyms: problem, difficulty, complication, snag, predicament, plight, hitch, catch, drawback, pitfall. Informal: headache, hiccup, hassle, pickle, fix, tight spot, how-do-you-do, job, gremlin, fly in the ointment, spanner in the works.
  3. an instance of a series of publications: “issue 95 of the Travellers’ Companion Series.” Synonyms: edition, number, instalment, copy, imprint, impression, version, publication.
  4. a result or outcome of something: “his tenacity warranted a successful issue.” Synonyms: result, outcome, consequence, end result, net result, upshot, effect, after-effect, aftermath, conclusion, end, denouement.
  5. the action of flowing or coming out: “the issue of bodily fluids.” Synonyms: discharge, emission, release, outflow, outflowing, outpouring, outrush, rush, flood, deluge, spurt, jet, cascade, stream, torrent, gush, flow, flux, outflux, welling, leakage, escape, drain, drainage, excretion, secretion, ejection, disgorgement, debouchment, emanation, exudation, exuding, venting, effluence, effusion.

Issue verb.

  1. to supply or distribute for use or sale: “the captain issued his crew with prophylactics.” Synonyms: supply, provide, furnish, arm, equip, fit out, rig out, kit out, accoutre, outfit, fit up, provision, stock, purvey, accommodate, present, invest, endow, favour.
  2. to formally send out or make known: “the broadcaster issued a bulletin.” Synonyms: send out, put out, release, deliver, publish, announce, proclaim, broadcast, promulgate, communicate, impart, purvey, circulate, spread, disseminate.
  3. to come, go, or flow out from: “unpleasant odours issued from the cubicle.” Synonyms: emanate, emerge, proceed, exude, discharge, flow, pour, gush, come, seep, ooze, spread out, be uttered, be emitted, be transmitted.
  4. to result or be derived from: “the contents of the novel issue from the corpus of twentieth century literary pornography.” Synonyms: result, follow, ensue, develop, stem, spring, arise, start, derive, evolve, proceed, emerge, emanate, flow, originate in, have its origin in, attend, accompany, be consequent on, supervene on.