Louder! Faster! Sh’tr!

Edited by Simon Strong

February 2004
Paperback | 210x148mm | 180 pages


From the Editor


I hope you like all the cool stuff in this collection. I reckon it hangs together pretty well, and I’m stoked at what I’ve been able to cobble together in a coupla weeks. I figured it had to look swank since if you dig Stewart’s ouevre you’re obviously discriminating.

I dunno what’s customary with this kinda stuff but I don’t expect you to read the whole damn tamale, unless you should want to for some weird reason, like if you’re me or something. So take a butchers and see what sections you’re inclined to follow up. If none of em float your boat, you should probably do some other unit. I guarantee it’ll be more wanky, but maybe that’s what you want. Whatever. I’ll still get paid.

Anyway, the plan is that we’ll decide which section we’re going to cover the next week at the end of each seminar. The first one will be a general survey type thing so that we don’t get into one of those sucky infinite regress things. Plus, I’ve got a shitload of great movies to show and grooovy sounds to spin if anyone gives a hoot.

Achtung! Some of the pieces in this collection cover stuff that’s against the law, like all the copyright violation guff and probably other bits too, like shooting famous pop-artists in the gut I guess. And just to keep it interesting, some of the stuff here refers to laws overseas that might disagree with Australian law. Just cos it’s mentioned here doesn’t mean I endorse it. Right? Also, keep in mind that there are all kinds of extra University regulations governing use of facilities and fuck knows what else. Those’ll certainly do you over if you don’t know about them. So, if you’re intending doing something stupid, try and find out exactly how stupid it is before you do it.And most importantly; when you’re sprung, don’t say I had anything to do with it. Coz I didn’t. Right?

Onward… This series was originated coz my mate Stewart is coming over from the UK to visit. You might know a bit about Stewart’s stuff. And if you don’t you should, even though the media haven’t been in a rush to do him any favours. Funny that… Anyway, I reckon Stewart to be a total fucking genius. The only reason there’s not more of his stuff in here is so’s you’ll go and buy his books. Any of them will do. It’s all good! He can use the wedge coz those single-malts set you back. I’m a VB man myself and this collection likewise reflects my hobby-horses, not his.Still Stewart will ride pretty much anything, if you take my drift…

Simon Strong
8 February 2004