Film by David Cox
35mm | 14:37 | Colour/sound

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Otherzone is a 15 minute science fiction film set in a near future Melbourne.

The Machines All Nations Corporation (MAN) dominates global communication with its massive satellite network, which girdles the earth like a cage. The network is powerful enough to enable contact even with other dimensions. Kareen Hedding has been murdered by MAN security assassins for having passed on data on how to neutralise the network to her collaborators in the Information Liberation Frontier based on the moon. She has arranged for her daughter Zheng to retrieve the Ameth fabric from a beach. Ameth is a top secret artificial intelligence device, which uses the network to access the Otherzone – a whole new catagory of communications which has smashed the barriers between the dead and the living. Whomever has the Ameth scarf holds the key to global freedom, or global tyranny. Zheng must deliver the scarf to her mother’s collaborators on the moon, but the evil Nam Melogue and his henchmen Cutts and Chickensticks are on her trail…



Written and Directed by David Cox
Produced by Sarah Zadeh
Director of Photography
Paul Romney Cox

Starring Marie Hoy as Zheng,
Stelarc as Nam Melogue,
Jaqueline Mitelman as Kareen,
Max Fairchild as Cutts,
Bruce Naylor as Chickensticks

Animation by Graeme Jackson,
Marco Bresciani, Andrea Bresciani,
and David Cox

Music by Ollie Olson
Sound Design and Dolby Surround Spatialisation by Philip Brophy

Edited by Jane Usher and Steve Doyle

Script edited by Adrian Martin