Pink Stainless Tail at the Tote Hotel Collingwood

Golden Fist Prods
May 2008
DVD | 94:15 | Colour


PST LIVE AT COLLINGWOODSTOCK! On 30 March 2007 the PST celebrated the occasion of the launch of their third record “The Infinite Wisdom of the Pink Stainless Tail” in grand style. This may well be the only full length show from the legendary heyday of Tote under the tenure of Bruce Milne, filmed by Melbourne film-maker Aaron Goldberg in one ninety minute take like Russian Ark only funnier and not as Russian or arky.
(Yeah, I know the cover says 2008 but This Is The Tail!!!)


Track listing

  • map ref 50 50N 0 10W
  • A New Fangled Spanner
  • baby i got news for you
  • function of the gorgon
  • blutregenbogen
  • time will come
  • greystoked!
  • charm of innocence
  • please, miss?
  • the poet’s i
  • dial ‘s’ for sundial
  • everybody loves plasticman
  • babies
  • godtsar
  • [{now} (that) you’ve] gone
  • blood sugar dropping
  • neil palmer knows where i live
  • st anne’s wells gardens
  • lucy leave
  • 5-6-7