Sign Wars

The Culture Jammers Strike Back
By David Cox

February 2011
Paperback | 140 x 216 mm | 266 pages

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The first and best book on the fascinating world of culture-jamming!

A whole new generation of media activists and culture jammers have taken on the government and corporate advertising worlds.New technologies have greatly assisted artists,writers,film makers and activists to challenge and reverse the one-way flow of mind-numbing mainstream media. Camcorders,amateur and ham radio, mobile phones, the Internet and various other inexpensive means of exchanging signals have empowered this new generation.

David Cox (who has been described as Australia’s answer to Michael Moore) takes us on a fascinating journey as he traverses the west coast of the United States and the east coast of Australia with descriptions of successful jamming and innovative campaigns.



  1. McKenzie Wark

    Who said the avant garde is dead? David Cox knows where the exciting new stuff is hiding, from Sydney to San Francisco. He has his finger on the pulse of the new radical media creativity.

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