Sticking it to the Man!

Pop, protest and black fiction of the counter-culture, 1965-74
Book by Iain McIntyre

August 2012
Paperback | 191 x 235 mm | 80 pages

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Rock n roll, dope and frugging in the streets! Utopia, dystopia and cultural myopia! Blaxsploitation, Sexsploitation, Youthsploitation! Bikers, hippies and Black Panthers! Featuring works by everyone from hipsters to hack authors and genres ranging across crime, sci-fi, teen novels and more. Sticking It To The Man features over 120 covers and reviews of fictional novels drawing upon the political and social upheaval of the counterculture era. Dig in to discover a lost world of of mind-bending militants, thinly veiled manifestoes and trashy exploitation.

Here’s an interview with Iain McIntyre about SITTM!  on the Pulp Curry blog.