The Motion of the Cane

By Simon Strong and Neil Palmer and the Whole Fucking Shithouse
September 1993 | Audio cassette | ??:??


Conceived by Simon Strong with the assistance of Neil Palmer, who was unwell at the time, this work was intended as an expansion of the S-aspect of my novel “A259 Multiplex Bomb ‘Outrage'” (CodeX, 1995). At that time, the novel was forthcoming from Creation Books but ended up on the CodeX imprint.

This tape was made at Planet Rehearsals on North Road, Brighton, underneath the Majyk Supermarket next door to the Heart and Hand. It was produced by Matt Trott, recorded on the evening of Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August 1993.

Pragmatic concerns dictate that only selected tracks can be released at the present time – assuming there is such a thing.


Track listing

A1 Introduction 0:47
A2 Guess I’m Falling In Love 3:36
A3 The Deadly Mantis 2:07
A4 Kurt Replies 0:05
A5 Ode 4:27
A6 Ah … Flow At His Toad 1:43
A7 First Generation Videotapes 1:35
A8 All Tomorrow’s Parties 2:35
A9 La Pont Mirbeau 1:48
A10 Homage 0:49
A11 The Motion Of The Cane 6:53
A12 One Minutes Silence 1:00