The Skys a Soft Target

By Pink Stainless Tail
September 2003
Audio CD | ??:??


This record was the first release of the group, in 2004.
Recorded and mixed with Adrian at Incubator, Northcote.
Cover: Caesar. The missing apostrophe was intentional and done to piss off grammar pedants.

Track listing


Simon Strong writes: When Irving Gribbish (of Splodge Cinema fame) told me I had to check out Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (available from The Prelinger Archives) I got straight onto it. This guy knows his onions. It turned out to be some 1000% bizarre educational propaganda gizmo thing outta the Techfilm Studio, Moscow in 1940. Good so far, I figured. That night, I sat down to watch it with a pal and a 6pack – but a coupla minutes in I jumped up and yelled “fucking hell it´s the clip for blood sugar dropping!” and so it was, exactly as I envisaged it. The only problem was I couldn´t work any offline edit suite and I never made a film in my life. Piss weak! Undeterred I fired up the PC and hunkered down. It took the best part of an hour but it was worth it.


  1. René (The Bites/Hand Hell)

    Surreal guitar rock featuring Harry Howard from These Immortal Souls on guitar. Their debut EP comes across like a late 70s post-punk take on psychedelica, kind of like Red Krayola fronted by a manic William Burroughs on a peyote binge…

  2. Cumbersome Records, Collingwood.

    Good good good! Flailing early 80’s no-wave sound with classic Happy Mondays shuffle… Authentic post modern pop. Morgan Fisher would love this!

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