This is me in the park with no clothes on…

I like the flowers.
By Pink Stainless Tail

May 2005
Audio CD | ??:??


Second LP of the PST, recorded and produced by Simon Grounds and PST at Grounds Zero. Cover and title by Maisie.

Sleeve notes

THE PINK STAINLESS TAIL ARE HERE. Suddenly they appear. At the end of a long avenue or in your rear view mirror. Or even in the dead of night, blazing. Sharklike with voracious probing eyes, like spaceships in the sky. At rest they move like super intelligent automatons. Then disappear as suddenly as they came. You are left with a fleeting impression of superb power and blurred luminous speed. Yes, the PINK STAINLESS TAIL are here. Yet look at reality: since the time they first arrived even the concept of the PINK STAINLESS TAIL has changed.

50 YARDS A SECOND. From inside the PINK STAINLESS TAIL, speed is hardly noticed. No vibrations, no noise. This is pure. Velvet. Logic. Just press play and the PINK STAINLESS TAIL surge forward, muzzle to the fore, oblivious of the crowd. The PINK STAINLESS TAIL are relaxed. They play with little effort, free from care. Other minds have created their freedom for them.

MASS AND GRAVITY. For a space ship you must design with skill and knowledge. You must search out and destroy every possible threat to safe functioning. The infrastructure of the PINK STAINLESS TAIL has been developed to withstand phenomenal forces.

A DRAWING ROOM AT 100 MPH, The absolute concept of the PINK STAINLESS TAIL comprises at least 347 vital details with one aim in mind. You can recognise the PINK STAINLESS TAIL with your eyes shut. Just listen… – an expert

Track listing

    • Peace vs. Liberty
    • Map Ref. 50 50 n 0 10 w
    • [Studio] 5-6-7
      (FREE download at
    • Now (That [You’ve {Gone}])
    • Time will Come
    • The Poet’s i
    • Greystoked!
    • lucy leave



  1. Otto Eiermeier

    a new CD by PINK STAINLESS TAIL, is – after intense departmental scrutiny (?) – set to be launched into our community on the Friday, 13May, at the Rob Roy Hotel.

    Since the launching their debut Ep-Cd “..the skys a soft target…” (circulation of appr. 450) the fearless foursome has captured and quarantined an unspecified number of ideas and transformed them during countless evening workshops successfully into a manageble set of 8 wonderful tunes, predominantly in English.

    Pink Stainless Tail have recorded an eccentric and catchy album with a minimum of effects at their disposal. Co-mixed/-produced with local sound- cartoonist Simon Grounds (check out this bizarre engineer’s own thing, the crazy SHOWERSCENE FROM PSYCHO ) who can be held responsible for countless debut-recordings (Rocket Science, Bird Blobs, The Slub, to name but a few). “…This is me…” is a psychedelic trip through the mean streets of R’n’R , or more precisely Garage.
    Whatever you associate with GARAGE , it’s all in here. Catch aural glimpses of THE SEEDS, THE FALL, THE SEX PISTOLS, early STONES, and even a touch of grunged up HIP HOP.

    The raw mix of infantile simplicity and abstract cleverness blurrs musical boundaries effortlessly into a new sound with no name (until now). Sure, it’s only rock n roll but I like it….and the flowers, too.

    2 covers, SID BARRETTS LUCY LEAVE ( w/ raised desperation) and the fantastic TIME WILL COME (thunderous) by TOLL-PUDDLE MARTYS (from Bendigo, that’s right, – check out the amazing WILD ABOUT YOU Book/CD compilation, Tales from the Australian Rock Underground 1963-1968 by Ian McIntyre & Ian Marks) clearly indicate the TAILS cultural feeding-ground.

    But what about the other stuff? Prick your ears. Is this the real thing?

    Map Ref N 50 50, Now (that you’ve gone), 567, Poet’s Eye and Greystoked are all originals, very riffy, very garage, and very immediate. These are tales beyond the pale beyond the Ale. Grotesquely poesque garage muzak squeezed through a cheap transistor radio into the confinements of an empty garage.

    Turn it up and turn on. This is piping hot brittle pop of a rare kind. Far beyond an encounter with the third kind. Don’t be unkind to yourself – check this out.

    10/10 …. Buy Or Bury

  2. Shane Moritz

    Not your usual brand of post-punk Pigfuckers, Pink Stainless Tail have style. Troughs of it. Simom Strong is a diva – throwing jagged verbal hatchets. at soft targets. His uncanny resemblance to Everett Sloan in Lady from Shanghai (sans gammy leg and Rita Hayworth) could freak out Sloan’s nieces in the off chance they dropped in on a PST performance at a punk club even though I know this is about as likely as me joining Simon on stage with a piccolo. But Simon truly is sick. He would probably enjoy a book that was written without I’s, h’s, es, i’s and k’s. He needs to be reckoned with. Meanwhile the example Harry Howard sets every time he straps on a guitar in front of a crowd is a special one. Combine his stately appearance with his scratchy guitar and the way it expels velvet-adorned riffs and he is good on both the eye and the ear. The drummer wears awesome hats. I enjoy the bass solo that transpires after Simon yells `Step on it, Nate!’ on Map. Ref 50 50N 0 10W and how Nate follows these orders by mashing his guitar with his foot.

    The death-defying Time Will Come will encourage you to trap the band in an alleyway and hypnotise them with finger cymbals and hot steaks. The words and music on 5-6-7 is, like the best song Chris Knox never wrote forThe Fall. I am unsure if the first words to Greystoked! are “Me Tamazepam, Huge joint” but they really deserve to be: EIsewhere in the song I identify the sound of a kookaburra, a grey digger squirrel, two monkeys smuggling frankfurters, a cacophony of mating pigs and the depressing sound of a guy pretending to burp his pants. In a normal business climate, it would-be single of the year. otherwise this sozzled ditty documents what could only be the most revolting party in the history of mankind.

    I leave you with these lyrics from a song that is not Greystoked:”All the houses you inhabit I and the gardens that you tend / Cannot convince me other than I the dark is my best friend. Beware the groynes you cannot see / When the tide comes up the beach /The sea will take out your old shit / And bring new shit within reach”. Pure poetry. I just -listed several reasons why y’o’u should join Pink Stainless Tail in the park naked. Now you – tell me you do it because you like the flowers. Keep in mind a grieving dog (uncredited) probably starved to make this record.

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