Up for Grabs

A naive-art gangster movie with digressions!
Directed by Tadhg Taylor

February 2008
DVD | 60:00 | Colour

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This is Nick Plakidis, rising star in a world of drugs, prostitution and violence.

This is the clash of greed and ethics, money and love, genre and absurdity.

This is a Surefire Productions second feature, shot in twelve days with a budget of ten thousand dollars and a Mack Sennet cum garage punk spirit.

Starring Pedros Coulloupas, Russell Gilbert, Anthony Ziella, Djana Rajkovic, Josie Parrelli, Jim Ewing, Brian Harmer, Yael Cohn, Shannon Henrikkson.

Edited by Paul Rowe / Music by Bruno Spoerri / Titles & design by Adele Daniele / Sound by Michael Prior & Ben Carew / Written, directed and produced by Tadgh Taylor.

approximate running time sixty minutes.

Up for Grabs is supported by the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program. Surefire Productions is not associated with the LedaTape Organisation but Tadhg is a legend and his movie is a total hoot so I offered to host some clips.