Whenever I Feel Like It

By Aaron Goldberg
May 2010
Paperback | 140 x 216 mm | 116 pages | illustrated

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Includes interviews with: Johnny Strike (Crime) / Kim Salmon / Hugh Hefner / The Rock / Z-trip / DJ Necro / Pink Stainless Tail and articles on: AFL / Jandek / Joey Ramone / Techno / Victor Argo / Chopper / The Fall / Oz indie rock plus ‘bonus’ snapshot segment featuring HUGE celebrities!

Inspired by New York’s legendary ‘noise boys’, 80s and 90s fanzines like Forced Exposure, B-side and Motorbooty and a lack of sex, Melbourne writer, musician, film-maker and suburban struggler, Aaron Goldberg presents in ‘real’ print for the first time, a collection of non-fiction written works exploring his love for the not-quite popular pulp culture.

Having no career plan, the worst ‘networking’ skills on the planet (even in the Internet/blog age), and realising very quickly that his tastes were way too Kosher to get him aligned with any ‘hipster’ scene, Goldberg knew he was never going to make a career (or even get laid) out of ‘cultural writing’. Having had some minor success as an artist in the early 90s in indie band ‘the Earthmen’, Goldberg’s writing is a rare breed in this ‘critic’ game, he understands what it’s like actually ‘being’ an artist with writing that aspires to capture the immediate ecstasy of the works themselves. Transplanting the ‘by any means necessary’ with ‘whenever I feel like it’ credo, Goldberg has compiled a collection of works that have appeared both online and off into this relaxed, inspired, organic (and often orgasmic) collection of interviews and essays.

Sure anyone can write a blog, but hey, how many blogs can you read on the toilet/aeroplane/train?