Wild About You!

Tales from the Australian Rock Underground 1963-68
CD compiled by Iain McIntyre

May 2004?


Wild Sounds, car crashes, pep pills, exploding amps, bloodied noses, jealous boyfriends, drug busts and arrests! Seventeen of Melbourne’s modern day garage/indie rock bands pay tribute to their Australian rock n roll forebears with live recordings (no overdubs!) at 3CR 855AM by Cara Beltrame. Bands include The Drones, The Cants, Double Agents, Shutdown 66, Kamikaze Trio, Stabs, ninetynine, Pink Stainless Tail and more.

Originally a book and CD, an expanded version of the book is now available from Wakefield Press.

Track listing

1The Drones / Believe In Me (The Throb) – 04:33
2The Mystaken / Rum Drunk (The Moods) – 02:29
3Pink Stainless Tail / Time Will Come (The Tol-puddle Martyrs) – 02:55
4The Lords of Gravity / Black (The Throb) – 02:46
5The Stabs / Lies Lies (The Chimney Sweeps) – 02:28
6Digger and the Pussycats / Just A Little Bit (The Purple Hearts) – 01:43
7The Gruntled / Drivin’ Me Insane (The Missing Links) – 03:54
8Thee Stag Knights / C’mon (The Atlantics) – 02:58
9The Double Agents / I Want, Need, Love You (The Black Diamonds) – 03:19
10ninetynine / It’s A Hard Life (The Atlantics) – 03:19
11The Naked Eye / Ugly Thing (The Creatures) – 03:31
12Shutdown 66 / All I Do Is Cry (The Creatures) – 02:53
13The Cants / Saturday Date (Toni McCann) – 01:50
14Ian D Marks / Wild About You (The Missing Links) – 02:54
15Go Genre Everything / No (Toni McCann) – 02:04
16The Kamikaze Trio / Claudette Jones (Peter and The Silhouettes) – 02:02
17The Lucy Parsons Experience / H’Tuom Tuhs (The Missing Links) – 06:00