Film by David Cox
8mm | 3:47 | B/w

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David Cox shot this (editing in camera) on his last reels of super-8 on 2 August 1997. A William Burroughs impersonator (played by Simon Strong) does a psychogeographic drift through the streets of Melbourne. Watch out for shots of: Irving (Splodge Cinema) Gribbish’s laboratory (see Blood Sugar Dropping: The Movie); The Monument to the Thing With No Name That Will Bind us Together; Bernard’s Magic Shop; the Domed Reading Room; a subterranean public convenience; a Cameo by Heinze Boek (the Nazi in Puppenhead); T.J. Harris’s since-discharged gun shop and many more.

I got home to find that Burroughs had died from a heart attack during filming. Sad but true.

Soundtrack: “Demons of the Undergroove” by Invisible Generation post-synchronised.